Design Brief #132: Lawsuit Against Accenture for a Bad Design, Facebook’s Core App Redesign, and the McDonaldization of UX

Dawid Wozniak
May 16, 2019 · 4 min read

Welcome to the 132nd edition of Design Brief. This week, you can read about:

  • “Redesign from hell” for Hertz by Accenture followed by $32M+ lawsuit,
  • Facebook is putting groups and events at the core of the app,
  • The power of prototype testing,
  • Designing for a good cause,
  • And the McDonaldization of UX.

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In the news

  • Facebook is rolling out a core app redesign update with events and groups moving to the center. Read more
  • Hertz is suing Accenture for $32m+ for the ‘defective’ cyber-revamp of a website design. See more

Case study of our choice

How to design a parking map?

Featured by Apple and Google in 2018, SpotAngels is a community-based app that helps drivers find parking spots thanks to a live crowdsourced parking map. After joining the startup, Florent Lenormand, took the challenge of improving the UX of the application. The goal was to design an initial map as fast as possible in order to test it with users, spot weaknesses early, and iterate. It is a really insightful case study that shows the power of prototype testing at very early stages. Read more

Source: UX Collective

The designer of the issue

Gil Huybrecht for his Arkshelter landing page and sharing his knowledge on Skillshare.

Source: Arkshelter

Check out his work:

Design of the issue

Design that supporting a good cause

A great example of how design can support a social campaign on a local scale. Ekopatrioci (Ecopatriots) aims at increasing the awareness of environmental protection and letting people know how they can make a difference and save their environment. The color palette and illustrations resonate with the cause, and the right amount of copy conveys the message perfectly. View the landing page.


Worth checking out

Check out some of our hand-picked tips useful in every designer’s daily work.

Open discussion

Chris Kiess, a UX Designer for Healthcare on standardization of UX: While standardizing the work we do is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be bad when we allow little or no deviation — no autonomy, inhibiting creative exploration and approaches. Read more

Delivering those screens one after another and moving tasks from backlog to done seems to be the top priority. They don’t understand that each problem might require a different approach to yield the best results — they just want to have results quickly. Many of those problems are caused by the management that has little to zero knowledge of the subject and are blind to signals coming from their employees or just too proud to acknowledge their own mistakes. Especially in big organisations. Would you agree?

The number of the week

  • 324 professionals formed the jury of Awwwards 2019, the web design awards that recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best developers, designers and web agencies in the world. Who are they?

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Until next time,

Dawid Woźniak

Design Brief

Thoughts, news and tips on product design.

Dawid Wozniak

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Senior Product Designer at @netguru I love good coffee, meeting new people, Tarantino movies, techno and minimalist design. I laugh a lot.

Design Brief

Thoughts, news and tips on product design.

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