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Authoring and assembling

We’re asking too much from our content management systems

In which I digress into talking about art

The East Building of the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC

Back to internet-y stuff

A couple of weeks ago, Deane Barker asked the question that inspired my (now much-delayed) post:

Toward a new vocabulary

We’ve used a single term (content) to refer to all the stuff in a museum, when in fact museums are a combination of artwork (content) and curation (taxonomies and metadata).


In the end, I don’t entirely know what all of this means. But I do have two general thoughts:

  1. Most organizations are not well-positioned for staffing the assembly side of the authoring-assembling divide.
  1. How can we make our CMS a friendlier place for assembling content, not just for the web but for all our digital outputs?
  2. What kinds of staffing do we need if we’re to divide authoring from assembling?
  3. How do we govern a process that divides authoring from assembling?



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