Design Club at Wired Next Gen

Helping teenagers design apps to solve social problems

On Saturday we ran two workshops at Wired Next Generation 2018. The event combines inspirational speakers with workshops to get 13 to 19 year olds excited about science, innovation and technology.

Around 50 young people came along to our workshops

They all designed an app to help someone deal with one of three challenges:

  1. Use less plastic
  2. Make new friends
  3. Start a movement

The challenges were inspired by event speakers like Ameenah Begum, Lizzie Daly and Amika George, who talked about sustainability, diversity and making a difference.

As always, the groups prototyped their apps using Marvel, and came up with creative and thoughtful ideas. From a movement to help gamers quit fortnight (Quit Fortnite, Get a Life) to an app that helped a 10-year-old American girl to make new friends.

Thank you to our wonderful mentors who came along to guide and inspire the young people: Mina, Jon, Ash, Karolina, Steve and Christina. And thanks Wired UK for inviting us :)

Here are some of our favourite photos from the day