Design Club helps Coolest Projects winner

We’re so thrilled that one of our mentees has won a Coolest Projects award for an app she developed through Design Club.

Meriem working with Design Club mentor Steve Marshall at Coderdojo Ham

Meriem won the mobile category at the Coolest Projects UK awards which took place for the first time in London on Saturday 28 April.

Meriem’s app focused on healthy eating and contained recipes and advice, as well as support for diabetic people and a personalised diet planner. The planner could be adjusted according to different health conditions.

Here’s what her mum said:

We had a wonderful time today. The event was very interesting including the science presentations in the screen room. Meriem had fun and she liked talking to people about her application. She was over the moon when she was called to the stage for the Prize.
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who is helping at Ham Richmond CoderDojo. Meriem wouldn’t have done it without your help and encouragement.

Design Club has been running at the Ham Coderdojo since January and has been going down well with attendees and mentors alike.

Congratulations Meriem!

Meriem (far right) with her fellow Coolest Projects UK award-winners