Design Club session notes: Helping kids feel comfortable going to a bigger school

Jul 7, 2017 · 3 min read

Earlier this week, my daughter attended an induction afternoon at her new secondary school. She said that one child was very upset, and close to tears.

This gave me an idea for a mini project: Design something that helps young children to feel comfortable going to a bigger school.

What the children came up with

Idea #1: A play space

Aimed at infants going on to primary school. A space for them to play and make friends before going to their new school.

Idea #2: 101 things to make you happy

Aimed at primary school children going to secondary school. A pocket-sized book with quotes, pictures, films, and other things to make children happy.

Idea #3: A tomato product

Okay, one of the children at Design Club has a thing for tomatoes. It’s hard to know what’s going on here, but tomatoes seem to be the answer!

Idea #4: A place to do “trust” activities

Aimed at all ages, a place where children go and meet new children in their class, and work together playing trust games.

To summarise

The children enjoyed this project. They seem to enjoy going through the whole Design Thinking process in one session, over two side of A4. Okay, we didn’t quite get to test ideas, but they did get sketched out.

They were able to empathise easily, because they are going through inductions to new schools themselves, or they have younger siblings or friends who’ve gone on to bigger schools.

It’s got me thinking, design projects that address personal and/or current topics are a good way to go. Something to explore further.

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