Q3 update for supporters & friends

Our third quarterly update in super-duper note form!

A few quick notes

1. Inspire more children

Introduce at least 1,000 more children to Design Thinking activities

  • Q1 update: we reached 200 children
  • Q2 update: 300 children
  • Now: we’re at about 350 children

Note: Our target has shifted from number of children reached to number of volunteer-led after school clubs started. We aim to start 50 in 2019.

We have 4 after school clubs running right now. We hope that 10 more will start in the summer term. We’re working hard. We’re launching a #growdesignclub campaign to help spread the word.

2. Measure impact

Develop a mechanism for measuring and reporting impact

  • Q1 update: Realised it was hard to measure impact at pop-ups.
  • Q2 update: Transitioned to after school clubs — trialled feedback forms.
  • Now: planning to trail a new version of feedback form at this term’s clubs.

3. Develop partnerships

Work with 4 new delivery partners to reach a broader demographic of children

  • Q1 update: Worked with one new partner, Design Education CIC.
  • Q2: We ran a workshop at WIRED Next Gen.
  • Now: Our focus is on partners that help grow after school clubs. WIP.

4. Create mentor processes

Define and produce a toolkit for on-boarding, training, and coordinating mentors

  • Q1 update: Made toolkit. Ran Meetups. Opened Slack to support mentors.
  • Q2: Streamlined site. Prioritised after school clubs. Made Resource Hub.
  • Now: Using Slack better to support. Ran our first peer-led mentor Meetup.

5. Grow mentor network

Build a network of 150 volunteers to mentor through Design Club

  • Q1 update: We had 55 people register through our registration form.
  • Q2: Nearly 180 people have registered. 70 just want access to resources.
  • Now: More than 600 people* have registered. Yes, 600!

* Our friends at Marvel made a toolkit inspired by our resources. They kindly linked to Design Club. It generated a LOT of interest from the global community.

6. Prototype new resources

Make and test at least 2 new techniques to improve the learning experience

Our workshop kit is free to all UK mentors ready to run an after school Design Club

7. Design a framework

Create a free and accessible library of Design Thinking tools for educators

  • Q1 update: We had a simple resources page.
  • Q2 update: Made a curriculum, lesson plans, activities and certificates.
  • Now: We’re testing & refining our lesson plans and activities with mentors.

8. Form a legal entity

Turn Design Club into a Community Interest Company

  • Q1 update: We’d registered as a CIC limited by guarantee.
  • Q2: Nothing more to do here, yay!

9. Explore revenue opportunities

Generate income from 2 different sources

  • Q1 update: No real progress had been made.
  • Q2 update: Got excited about the idea of a product shop.
  • Now: Still excited about a shop. Talking with potential corporate sponsors.

10. Apply for further funding

Apply for at least 4 grants to help develop Design Club in 2019 and beyond

  • Q1 update: Applied for a grant with The Fore. Reached assessment stage.
  • Q2 update: No breakthroughs.
  • Now: Applied to TFN. Invited to pitch at next TFN event. Super happy :)

Related note: We’ve started a new initiative looking for Growth Supporters. Marvel, ustwo, Moo, Lloyds, Polar Insight and IDEO have come on board. Join them and help us ignite 50 after school clubs this year!

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