Dribbble.com - A Design for Designers

We all know and love our friendly basketball inspired site called Dribbble. It’s a place were pixels get shot from half court in hopes of stardom. It’s become an All-Star packed place for c̶r̶e̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶s̶ designers to show off their latest and greatest. However, some think it’s become a place for useless “feedback” comments or a place for “stolen property.” No matter what Dribbble is to you, we can all agree it’s pretty much a perfectly designed site for designers. Not an easy task if you ask me.

Dan Cederholm did an amazing job with it right out of the gate. Who would of ever guess a site, that I’m guessing has more men than women just from eye balling it, is dominated by a pink basketball. A PINK…basketball. Now, some people would say that’s just insane, as would I if asked pre-Dribbble. However now, I’d say it’s genius. Pure branding genius. Dribbble has one of the most iconic color palettes on the web. All thanks to a little pink love crush by Dan.

Even though I think it’s nearly perfectly designed, I still find myself using a Chrome plug in for it called Dribbble HD which makes the shots bigger without having to click and view the full size. Dribbble shots are already small enough so I prefer to view them at their largest size, no matter what page I’m on. It also plays those cute yet annoying .gifs right there in line. It’s funny how many of those go buy unnoticed.

You know what I wish you could do? Brand your profile pages a bit more. Check out mine for instance dribbble.com/dannpetty. To get a sense of who I am, you only have my avatar and my most recent shots. I find myself deleting a lot of shots to keep this first page closer to shots I’d want people to see, that somewhat tells a story of me as a designer. Ugh, I hate having to do that. I wish I could either arrange those shots somehow or brand that page a bit more. Maybe a big feature image?

One of the best things about the design of Dribbble believe it or not are the ads. I guarentee half of you just went “what ads?” Ha, that’s my point exactly. They are perfectly integrated into the site and 9 times out of 10 go unnoticed. Shhhh…don’t tell the advertisers ;) It’s our little secret.

Random Brainstorm

You know what would be sweet on Dribbble. A live chat. It’s tough to have conversations on there for quick feedback. Currently, you have to keep refreshing every time you hear your email ping. What if there was a live beside the shot so that you never lose sight of the shot while having a conversation. That’d be rad. Maybe it’s a feature. It only shows up when asking for quick feedback.

Final Thoughts

I love Dribbble. It’s awesome. It’s gotten me a lot of work. The site is amazing gorgeous and nearly flawless. Definitely in my top ten favorites. Dan and Rich pulled off the impossible, creating a site beautiful enough for designers to be on there everyday. Not an easy task. But hey, what else would you expect from talent like Dan and Rich. Those guys are on top of their game.

BTW, if you’re a Dribbbler, enjoy taking shots and listening to your fans roar. But whatever you do, dont be that 7ft tall center that swats at everything. You know, that guy that HAS to give feedback on everything even when the shooter doesn’t ask for it. If you simply have to give feedback when not asked, give it in the nicest way possible and understand that every pixel is just someones opinion. We all have one.