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How four unique disciplines work together to ‘design’ beautiful products

Illustration by Dmytro Novitskyi

One of the keys to the DoorDash Design team’s success is that we’re more than a team of designers: we also have integrated Design Infrastructure, UX Research, and UX Content Strategy teams working on every project.

In this article, our Head of Design, Helena Seo, shares her thoughts on the…

Illustration by Elina Cecilia Giglio

In a previous article, 3 unique things about being a researcher at DoorDash, I mentioned that working with Strategy & Operations (S&O) is something I really enjoy about my role. …

What my background taught me about inclusion, vulnerability, and the power of the underdog

Illustration by Oleg Shcherba from Ouch!

It amazes me how much of a person’s experience we miss when we only make space for the first layer of their story.

You might ask me:

  • What is my hometown?
  • What were my childhood hobbies?

Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hey Zach! Thanks for taking the time to chat. You’ve recently joined DoorDash as the Head of Research. Tell us what made you join DoorDash, and what you’re excited about.

When I had my final interview with my future manager at Netflix in 2013 I learned that the research team…

Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hey Erin! Thanks for taking the time to chat! Please tell us what you do at DoorDash.

Hello! I lead the New Verticals design team. We’re focused on growing DoorDash beyond restaurant delivery into new areas like grocery, alcohol, pet supplies, retail, and more. DoorDash’s mission has always been to…

Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hey Andrew! Thanks for taking the time to chat! Please tell us what you do at DoorDash.

No problem, it’s my pleasure! I lead the Operation and Support Platform design team. We’re responsible for designing the internal tools used by DoorDash employees for various operational and support tasks, such as…

Co-written by Tae K. Kim

In this article, we share the many ways we endeavor to build team unity on the DoorDash Design team. These efforts were important to us prior to the team going remote due to the pandemic, but they’ve become even more critical while we’re all physically separated. We hope it serves…

Photography by Galen Crout

People occasionally ask me for advice on their career development and promotion. There’s no simple way to answer this question because everyone’s career goals and paths are unique, but I find that hiking is a perfect analogy to describe what it means. …

Illustration by Natasha Remarchuk from Icons8

I joined DoorDash during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite not having worked with any of my colleagues in person, the journey has been both exciting and rewarding. When I reflected on the ride so far, three things stood out to me that made being a user researcher at DoorDash unique.

1. Having Strategy & Operation (S&O) as a key stakeholder, in addition to product teams


Cameron in Rome in February 2020.

Design Leadership interview at DoorDash

Hi Cameron! Tell me about what you do at DoorDash!

I lead the Merchant product design team. Merchants are essential to DoorDash’s ecosystem and the key to our success. When they do well, we do well. Therefore, my team’s goal is to make sure every merchant becomes successful on our…

Design @ DoorDash

Stories and lessons from DoorDash Design team

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