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Interview with Sam Lind

Design Leadership Interview at DoorDash

Hey Sam, How’s it going?

Yeah, it’s definitely been exciting given current events. So what do you do at DoorDash?

And what was your journey to being a design manager here?

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My team at Odopod. Go, Team Blue!

Funny you mention EA because you’re into video games, right?

The amount of detail invested in the story and graphics is sincerely impressive as well.

Speaking of craft, you’re generally known as the craft enforcer, so to speak here at DoorDash and amongst your team. Is that true?

In a similar vein, you and your team do a great job with delightful-ness — this is especially apparent with the cuisine filters at the top of the home page. Where did the idea for these come from?

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Our collection of DoorDash Cuisine icons.

Never heard of someone trying to balance delightful-ness and messiness, but there’s a first for everything, I guess! What’s your favorite icon, and why?

Back to your team, how do you think they would describe your leadership?

Empowerment is arguably one of the most important things you can instill in designers. That said, what type of culture do you try to instill amongst your team?

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DoorDash design, one year ago.

Agreed. So, I also hear that you’re hiring. What type of designers are you looking for?

With that said, what advice would you give designers that are looking to apply to your team?

Great! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

For those readers who are interested in joining Sam’s awesome design team, please check out these links:

Please learn more about other design leaders at DoorDash:

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