Errol B. Tiozon
Feb 19, 2017 · 2 min read

Did you know that in any business industry, grabbing attention from your target audience is very important?

And one way to grab your target audience’s attention is incorporation of Design in your business — which is often underestimated by business owners.

Most businesses these days see Design as just an expense without returns and end up putting their budget solely on advertising. But one thing that you don’t realize is that, incorporating design on your business opens up valuable opportunities.

And so let’s get to the point:

If you may ask — what are the benefits of design on our business then?

Here are the 3 major benefits of design on your business

1. Increase Sales

Always remember that customers buy based on emotions and not on logic. Design also adds value to products and services. Customers are often willing to pay more for well-designed products that can offer them benefits such as great usability, increased functionality and improved aesthetics.

2. Improve Market Position relative to your competitors

Effective use of design gives customers a reason for buying from your business and not from your competitor. It’s a valuable source of differentiation — a well-designed product or service will always stand out from the competition.

3. A Stronger identity for your business

Design covers much more than just the outward appearance of products or the graphic elements of things such as your website, packaging and marketing materials. It plays a part in nearly every aspect of what businesses do.

In some areas, the importance of design is quite obvious — for instance, when a business creates a consistent look across its products, signage, stationary, etc.

Design can also be used to benefit your business in many less obvious ways. Remember that design isn’t just about the management of the appearance of your business — it’s also about managing your business process to make your brand and identity strong.

I hope this article helped you to realize the benefits of design on your business. Investing on great design and not only focusing on advertising will definitely give you rewards in the long run.

As Gary Vaynerchuk emphasized on a vlog he created
“You can market your ass off, but if your product sucks, YOU’RE DEAD”.

Your Turn:

Are you investing on incorporating design on your business? If yes, are you struggling on incorporating design on your business?

What are the areas of concern are you having?

Let me know in the comments below!


Random thoughts about design aesthetics, business design and strategy

Errol B. Tiozon

Written by

UX Design Consultant and Conversion Optimization Specialist for Tech Startups


Random thoughts about design aesthetics, business design and strategy

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