The Design of Future Visions for Large Organizations

Clarify the present with Design Fiction: A tool to discuss the priorities for today which can make a preferable future attainable

Fabien Girardin
Mar 28, 2018 · 13 min read

1. The future is a moving target

Organizations need new approaches to explore futures based on the pace of modern human creativity — to find possibilities in unexpected places that can’t be known in advance.

2. Tools and building blocks

The future is something an organization must constantly shape and adapt to.

3. The exploration of futures is a learning process, not an output

The video of the Amazon Go shows what shopping looks like when a supermarket has no checkout. Extrapolating the capacities of technologies and anticipating behaviors, Amazon shared this fiction before the concept went into a trial period.

4. The exploration of futures to set today’s priorities

It is not a specification, nor is it a prediction. The micro-fictions embedded in the Ikea Catalog from the near future are where Design Fiction makes subtle suggestions about how the near future may be a bit different from today. They are meant to provoke the imagination and spark a conversation regarding the futures of connected things.

5. Putting Design Fiction into practice

At BBVA Data & Analytics, we believe the knowledge derived from financial data can transform the banking industry, its relation with customers and its role in the world. We design fictions to question our analytical capabilities through ‘What if’ scenarios.

5.1. Create a momentum with the team

By using Design Fiction, we can build speculative evidences and focus on tangible things for an organization to consider, in addition to static slides, demos and presentation documents.

Visions are dynamic and re-calibrated, from mapping ongoing lines of investigation to seeking feedback from their dissemination in public.

5.2. Engage the stakeholders

The mission of the Payments team at BBVA Data & Analytics is to create a world where services around money transactions become even more personalized and fair. A tangible vision stretching the imagination in context can open the door to new idioms and vocabulary.

5.3. Convince the decision makers

Carlos Torres, CEO of BBVA, articulating his vision of “Peace of Mind”

5.4. Transform the vision to a mandate

What if the design of automation together with Machine Learning techniques can lead to a dynamic and fair definition of prices? We want to make sure our technological ambition and its consequences are fully articulated within potential value propositions.

We are living in an era when social rules and business models are between the “no more” and the “not yet”.

6. Design Fiction to shape and share tangible visions

Design Fictions

Stories from Near Future Laboratory about potential tomorrows

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Scientist, engineer and executive active in the development of humane technologies. Co-founder of Near Future Laboratory.

Design Fictions

Stories from Near Future Laboratory about potential tomorrows