#1: Meet the Team

Written by: Peter Cederberg


Prompt: “Introduce us to your team. What is the topic area you plan to explore throughout this course?”

This team has come together within the course Designing Experiences for Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. This course is taught by Stacie Rohrbach with Laura Pedrosa serving as the TA.

We are a multi disciplinary group of students displaying expertise in the realm of design, prototyping, communication, and business. Carol Auh, Nick Ryan, Wenquing Yin and myself have come together from a shared interest in financial literacy and how it is currently taught.

As we began our process it became clear that we had a shared interest in users within higher academia as it related to their views and knowledge about finance. From students entering into college with little to no knowledge about the debt they will incur to the simple fact that talking about finances is taboo in the U.S., it became clear that we had a large amount of material to parse in order to find an effective area to target.



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