Do Less Product

Jeff Domke
Sep 27, 2015 · 1 min read

What really matters at this particular moment in time?

Its often incredibly hard for teams to keep focused on the 1 or 2 things that really matter at this particular moment in time.

Keep asking yourself:

“Will building this directly create the one or two results we need this quarter to reach our next [funding round, sales target, market expansion, etc.]?”

“Can we skip building anything and still validate this idea?”

“Would an end-user notice or care if this [button, option, information] simply didn’t exist?”

When you’re planning your OKRs, creating your board-meeting deck, planning your design sprint, designing a user flow, talking to customers, standing in daily-scrum, or debugging a 1000 line file… keep asking these questions.

Ask each day. Ask bravely. Ask with fresh eyes.

Ask like a new CEO on day one.

Illustration above by the amazingly talented Alexa Wright.

Design Founders

Designers + Startups.

Jeff Domke

Written by

Product @ Blockstack. Product leader. UX/UI designer. Built several startups from ground-up as founder, first hire, or first product designer.

Design Founders

Designers + Startups.

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