Announcing the 2019 IBM Distinguished Designers

On behalf of the IBM Design Leadership Review Board, it’s my great privilege to announce the 2019 IBM Distinguished Designer appointments.

Gorham Palmer, IBM iX
Sabine Roehl, IBM iX
Joni Saylor, IBM Design Program Office
BJ Scheid, IBM Systems Z

IBM Distinguished Designer (DD) is an executive level appointment that follows an intensive peer, and corporate review of a candidate’s impact to the company, professional eminence, and portfolio of work.

At IBM, Distinguished Designers are leaders in the design profession within and beyond our company. They are exemplars of design practice, craft, and leadership and serve as models for the world-class design program we have built at IBM. They are integral members of their business units’ executive teams, and they advise and drive technical and business strategies across the company. DDs are also coaches and mentors and represent IBM to professional societies, standards boards, industry associations, clients, government agencies, and academic institutions.

This cohort of Distinguished Designers reflects the continuing expansion of design across the IBM company. It includes the first two DD appointments for the IBM Global Business Services iX organization, and the first DD for IBM Systems. With this announcement, we now have a total of 12 active Distinguished Designers at IBM, who along with our Design Principals comprise a community of 50 senior design practice leaders.

Congratulations to our newest IBM Distinguished Designers!