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Two IBM Cloud Products Win a 2020 Red Dot Design Award

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and IBM AutoAI win the prestigious design award

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud comprehensive dashboard stands out

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is a high performant cloud data warehouse solution, that helps businesses manage their data in an easier and faster way. Managing data allocation is typically costly and time consuming, and businesses often have to rely on manual labor to sift through large amounts of information.

The design team created a dashboard to help their users get a view all of their important data in one glance. Users get an overview of their data metrics and an analysis of what these metrics mean.
Replication experiences help users easily save copies of their data and protect their businesses from losing all their information.
User Experience Journey for IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud users

IBM AutoAI brings an AI experience to a broader user base

IBM AutoAI is an experience that helps business users apply AI tools through the process of data preparation, analysis, and model creation and training. Organizations that are looking to apply AI to their business and data operations are typically dealing with a gap in skills, as well as lack of knowledge in deployment and governance of their application. IBM AutoAI helps users automate AI processes to help with the complex business and data operations of their organization. Jobs like sorting through data and organizing it to prepare for analysis usually take a lot of time and effort for data scientists. IBM Auto AI empowers users to build the models they need to effectively automate these tasks. Integrated as part of IBM Watson Studio, AutoAI is now available within the end to end Data and AI Platform: IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

IBM AutoAI visualizes the entire model creation process through multiple “lenses”, providing transparency to users in a way that they can understand the process to whatever extent of detail that they need.
User Experience Journey for Auto AI users

Winning Teams

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

  • Design Lead: Jessie Pahng
  • Design team: Rachel Miles, Huy Hua, Jingwei Wang, Natasha Yeh, Minsun Sang, Kelvin Esparza, Cory Marko, Jeff Levitt, Rimas Kalesnykas
  • Design team: Dillon Eversman, Voranouth Supadulya



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