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IBM Cloud is Recognized at the 2018 Spark Design Awards

Two products from IBM Cloud are featured at this year’s Spark Awards for their outstanding achievement in UX design

IBM Immersive Data

IBM Immersive Data is a data exploration tool that uses AR technology to help users explore their data and communicate findings in new ways. The AR technology takes data visualizations to a new level, making data exploration a more multi-faceted, collaborative process. The AR software allows users to view their data in 3D through a headset, creating powerful visuals, and the opportunity to discover the full potential of their data in a way that 2D visuals may not allow. The AR technology allows for multiple users to use the tool at the same time, allowing for teams to communicate easier throughout the data exploration process.

A user manipulating data in the AR space using the Immersive Data headset.
Concept images for the Immersive Data design.

“Augmented Reality will open physical barriers and will transform the way we analyze information. We are empowering the user to visualize complex information in a simple way. “ — David Townsend, Design Director, IBM Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics Storytelling

IBM Cognos Analytics is a data exploration and presentation tool powered by augmented intelligence that enhances the workflow and productivity of business users. The tool enables users to create compelling visualizations and make decisions with self-service analytics, and also offers the scalability of data governance that big businesses demand.

Storytelling features in IBM Cognos Analytics display data using beautiful visuals

“On behalf of the Cognos Design team, we are truly humbled to have received the nomination and value this as a significant achievement in our quest in revolutionizing the BI market. “ — Cale Vardy, IBM Cognos Analytics Design Principal

Applications of Design

I’m thrilled to see these two products recognized for their achievements in design. These achievements display how much user experience has an impact on shaping the uses and potential of emerging technologies. AI and AR are both fast-evolving technologies and are constantly changing in how involved and impactful they can be in users’ lives. User experience design is relevant not only for established software products like IBM SPSS Statistics as they are updated and redesigned, but also for shaping uses of technology that are yet to be adopted and setting a new standard of software.

Award Winners:

IBM Immersive Data:

  • Design Lead: Yasmine Taha



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