IBM Cloud Wins a W3 Award for IBM Cloud Pak Experiences

The IBM Cloud Pak Experiences website is recognized for its experience and visual engagement

Arin Bhowmick
Oct 31, 2019 · 3 min read

The IBM Cloud design team is thrilled to announce that we’ve received a Silver Award in the 14th Annual W3 Awards for the design and experience of the IBM Cloud Pak Experiences website. The website was recognized in the Visual Appeal and Website Experience categories, helping create an engaging experience for IBM Cloud Pak Experiences users. We are so excited to see our efforts for good design be recognized by another international design award.

The W3 Awards, hosted by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA), honors outstanding websites, web marketing, online videos, and mobile sites or applications from creators worldwide. This year they received over 5,000 entries from across the globe, with many examples of exceptional execution of design and creativity.

“Our W3 winners continue to embody what the internet is all about as they once again raise the bar in web development and design” — Derek Howard, director of the AIVA

IBM Cloud Pak Experiences offer a series of hosted environments that help users understand and experience how they could leverage cloud infrastructures, data and technology into their business operations. Each of these environments includes tools, guiding tips, and tutorials that help users understand the offerings that they include and how these tools can be applied to their business or organization. The five IBM Cloud Pak environments are:

The website home page (an upcoming version featured above) offers an engaging introduction to the IBM Cloud Pak products.

Each IBM Cloud Pak addresses a specific user need, offering an environment of applications, guides, and features that are specific to the challenges and goals the user might be working towards. With tools for application management, automation, and integration with or migration to the cloud, IBM Cloud Pak users have guidance at every stage of integrating cloud environments with their business models and structures. These IBM Cloud Paks help businesses save time, costs, and resources for training their users with cloud technology, and guide them into the direction they need for their business model.

The team behind the website wanted to engage and connect with IBM Cloud Pak Experiences users and potential clients. They also wanted to build credibility and trust with their users by portraying a brand and messaging that is in sync with the other product marketing content that clients are exposed to.

The pages for each specific IBM Cloud Pak give an overview of its features in a scannable format.

The team conducted user research through interviewing IBM Cloud Pak users and understanding their workflow and found that their target users were mostly looking to try out the IBM Cloud Pak products without having to go through an extensive set-up. Through many design iterations and collecting user feedback, the team created a website experience that equipped users and clients with the key information they needed about the IBM Cloud Pak Experiences and helped create a more cohesive collection of informative material surrounding the products.

The experience includes tours, guides and tips to onboard users onto the different IBM Cloud Paks.

The IBM Cloud Pak Experiences website design team:

  • Design Director: Sandra Tipton
  • Design Team: Kylee Barnard, Troy Bjerke, Maranda Bodas, Cynthia Hong, Brighton Kamen, Noah Kupritz, Lisa Lessenger

Arin Bhowmick (@arinbhowmick) is Vice President, Design at IBM based in San Francisco, California. The above article is personal and does not necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.

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Arin Bhowmick

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Design at IBM

Stories from the practice of design at IBM

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