Rumination on Innovation

Jake Trussell
May 30, 2018 · 1 min read
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To innovate is to alter established practices by introducing new ideas. It’s fundamentally creative, but it’s also a science. So why and how do we innovate?


Advocate for people by understanding their needs and articulating the relationship between them and the products, services and experiences they interact with.

Solve problems by designing useful and usable products, services and experiences that create value.


Discover insights into people’s needs to determine what problems can be solved.

Ideate possibilitieseven seemingly unattainable ones— that might be desirable solutions to those problems.

Refine solutions:

  • Determine feasibility based on the technologies and techniques available for execution
  • Determine viability based on the business resources available; financial, staff, and otherwise.


Build a desirable solution based on feasibility and viability

Test the solution with people to uncover new insights

Iterate to refine the solution based on insights uncovered testing

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Design Innovation

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