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Marian Fusek (left), Ales Nesetril (right), photo by Jakub Nespor

How We Manage Our Design Team

First Thing’s First

The Beginning (a.k.a. “The Old Way”)

Perfect Timing

One Role, Two People

Wait, So Who Does What?

Marian Fusek, photo by Jakub Nespor
Ales Nesetril, photo by Jakub Nespor
Btw. Marian is around 35 cm taller than Ales :P

Keeping Each Other in Sync

Side Effect: Two Career Branches

Is It Scalable?

What We’ve Learned

Update: From Now Onwards

Juan is taking over Marian’s role

Got a Question?




A series of design articles by STRV

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App Design Inspiration — #62

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Ales Nesetril

Ales Nesetril

A product designer from Prague, Czech Republic, who focuses on interactive experiences & mobile apps, currently co-leading a design team at STRV.

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