Design Inspiration — December 2017

We got inspired from these great pieces of work!

Santa Claus is coming to town. And he got you these amazing projects to get your creativity flowing again.

Andreas Wannerstedt is a designer from Sweden who creates satisfying 3D videos.

By wannerstedt

2. Mindshapes

A very cool web design concept that virtually represents your mind.

By Szymon Łucarz

3. Alice

A melancholic -almost creepy- photography project.

By Evelyn Bencicova

4. Urban $tyle Respect SP

A fashion lifestyle movement, made up of young people from São Paulo.

By Elvis Benício and Pier Paolo

5. 東京 — TOKYO

The classic neon Tokyo, taken to a new intensity of stripey hyperreality.


6. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

A Gorgeous Assassin’s Creed characters concept art.

By Jeff Simpson

7. Aesthetifacts

Amazing series of artifacts, where digital aesthetics meets functionality.

By Six N. Five, Diego Flores Diapolo & Ezequiel Pini

8. Illustrations for The Recorder

A fascinating project about modern typographer’s interactive tools and how they influence the art of typography.

By justyna stasik

9. NNU Magazine Issue No 11

An astounding editorial design with great typography.

By Mark Brooks

10. QUILLED | characters

A unique and… twisted concept of cute characters.


11. Skeleton of color

Awesome photos and videos of skeletons holding colorful smoke canisters.

By butch_locsin_from_la

12. Love Is Metaphysical Gravity

A breathtaking series of images documenting the unearthly beauty of the KSAT Satellite Station

By Reuben Wu

Inspiration is everywhere. Just keep exploring the world with an open mind. Feel free to share your work & what inspired you with us:!

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A feast for your eyes and food for your creative thoughts.

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