Design Inspiration — June 2018

Design Inspiration // jetdrops
3 min readJun 8, 2018


Summer just kicked in and we got super inspired from these great pieces of work!

Animated videos, captivating illustrations, characters’ (re)designs and gorgeous series of photos!

It’s summertime inspiration!

  1. Afternoon Class

An amazing piece of animation that perfectly captures the mood and feelings of trying to stay awake…

Afternoon Class by Seoro Oh

2. Mythos

Greek Myths communicated in the most minimal way, while retaining their essence!

Mythos by Stephen Kelleher, Chris Guyot & John Poon

3. Going Fishing

A captivating stop-motion animation made with 2500 pictures!

Going Fishing by Guldies

4. Creepy Art

Surreal and disturbing digital art, that feels like it’s from another dimension!

by Oliver Marinkoski

5. Editorial Illustrations

Very realistic animations with a deep meaning!

Editorial Illustrations by Eiko Ojala

6. Amazing Hell

Cute and terrifying character design! You could say it’s… amazing as hell!

Amazing Hell by Andrey Gordeev

7. Beautiful Office Life

A story by Superfiction that brilliantly captures the essence of modern, yet dull everyday life…

Beautiful Office Life by SUPERFICTION .

8. Disintegrating

A suite of images of high-performance cars that appear to have blown apart.

Disintegrating by Fabian Oefner

9. DA Simpsons

A super creative character redesign of the famous TV series “The Simpsons”!

DA Simpsons by Mr. Kat & Friends

10. Pixel Food

There’s something truly uncanny about seeing pixels in real life!

Pixel Food by Yuni Yoshida

11. Cosmic Structures

A captivating illustration that really conveys the endlessness of opportunities and the smallness of the person.

Cosmic Structures by Oska .

12. Beautified China II

A series of photos that captures the most striking looking buildings of China from a minimalist perspective!

Beautified China by Kris Provoost

Inspiration is everywhere. Just keep exploring the world with an open mind. Feel free to share your work & what inspired you with us:!

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Design Inspiration // jetdrops

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