Ben Shneiderman on improving healthcare with interactive visualization

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We’re honored to have our work referenced by Ben Shneiderman in his article, “Improving Healthcare with Interactive Visualization” from Computer, the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society. The timeline view of a patient record in Allscripts’ ambulatory EHR iPad application, Wand, is referenced and pictured to illustrate a visual overview of an individual patient’s medical history. Allscripts Wand is the result of our collaboration with Allscripts’ world-class User Experience and product teams.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Physician training continues to improve, but the vast knowledge of specialized conditions, numerous medications, and professional guidelines emerging from research make it very difficult for physicians to learn all they need to know. Further, the increasing amount of data recorded by patients, stored in EHRs, and captured from medical lab tests challenges the capacity of physicians to grasp an overview of the patient’s history while seeing specific data values that alert them to potential problems. Designers who learn enough about medical decision making have the potential to enable clinicians to make more accurate and rapid decisions.
Designs for single-patient visual histories have been explored, but no widely accepted strategy has emerged. As the example shown in Figure 4 [The Wand Timeline view] indicates, temporal histories with various forms of timelines are becoming common, as are body maps showing the location of previous and current conditions, surgeries, or injuries.

Read the entire article here [subscription required] or purchase a digital edition.

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