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Animal Part 2

Part 2 of Animal — In class sketches

3/16 Refining sketches

I decided to use the background on the bottom left sketch with the tree and the bears on the top left. I also decided to add a close up bear like the one on the bottom left. I copied that layer and changed the size as well as copying the background from the other sketch.

This is my final sketch that I composed.

I wanted to see what kind of colors I would use, so I started to play around with it. This is just a first trial of what kind of colors I am planning to use. I wanted cool colors to contrast with warm colors.

For the text, I tried out two rough different locations, but I am worried that the text won’t show for the one on the left because of the dark background, so I may have to lighten the colors on the background.

3/18 Illustrator

For the next refinement, I think I’m going to make the bears look less illustrative. I also think the background is taking up a lot of the composition but has no purpose of it.

3/23 Illustrator

3/25 Refining


Overall, I feel like I learned a lot about depth such as the amount of details and the color being used. I really enjoyed this project especially because I have fun using Illustrator.



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