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Letter sent on Jan 26, 2016

It’s Launch Day! Check out Modelo's Online 3D Collaboration Tool!

Thank you for following our Design Manifestos, it's been an amazing journey meeting with inspiring designers, publishing their stories, and hearing your feedback.

Besides producing Design Manifestos, the team at Modelo has been hard at work developing online collaboration tools for 3D designers, modelers and artists.

Today, we're THRILLED to announce that our Beta version is now open to the public!

Click Here to Watch a Demo!

You can now create a free account, upload a 3D file, and see how our tools can impact your ability to share, present, comment, and embed your 3D designs!

Also, we've recently launched a new blog series called UNBUILT, featuring innovative, complex, boundary-pushing 3D design concepts, ranging from the possible to the impossible.

You can follow UNBUILT's new articles on Medium or on the Modelo blog.

We're looking forward to continuing to publish Design Manifestos from world-renown architects! Subscribe to the Modelo newsletter to receive updates on upcoming feature releases!


— The Team at Modelo

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