The World’s Money in Numbers

David Galbraith
Apr 21, 2017 · 2 min read

As of 2015 unless indicated.

I’ll produce a chart of this data once it is sufficiently complete.

Global financial assets: $300 trillion

M0 (notes and coins): $5 trillion (2010)

Global M1 money supply (notes, coins and current accounts): $24 trillion at year-end 2013, per the World Bank.

M2-M0 (bank deposits and savings): $50 trillion (2010)

Combined, major central bank balance sheets: $20 trillion (2017, from $5 trillion in 2006)

Institutional AUM: $100 trillion

Capital Markets, Global equities: $64 trillion, per the World Federation of Exchanges.

Mutual Funds: $40 trillion

Pension Funds: $34 trillion ($11.9 Trillion Direct Benefit, $22 Trillion Direct Contribution)

Retirement accounts: $27 trillion

Insurance co’s: $26.5 trillion

Hedge Funds: $3 trillion ($1 trillion Quants focused funds 2017, $1 Trillion Equity fund, [long-short])

Private Capital: $4.5 trillion (2016, private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources funds)

Private Equity: $2.5 trillion (2016) (Although AUM is not a great measure for VC, VC is only minor portion of this number)

Global real estate: $217 trillion. Commercial: $54 trillion

Gold: $6.8 trillion at year-end 2013, according to the Thompson Reuters GFMS Gold Survey.

Informally held assets (not on any balance sheet, reciept or register) $2-10 trillion in 2000

Money Holdings

Individuals with < $1m net worth: $147 trillion

Individuals with $1m — $30m net worth: $75 trillion

Individuals with > $30m net worth: $41 trillion

Foundations & endowments: $1.7 trillion

Governments: $5.2 trillion

Corporations: $3.5 trillion

Offshore tax havens: $10 trillion (BCG 2017)

Markets & Spending Per Annum

Global GDP: $74 trillion

Global military spending: $1.7 trillion

Global aid per annum: $140 billion

Art Market. Total market size: $56.6 billion (c. 50% secondary market). Direct sales: $2b? Dealer sales: $32.5b (51% gallery $16.5b, 41% art fairs $13.3b, 8% online $2.6b), $22b auctions (2016)

Global debt

Total global debt: $233 trillion, Q3 2017, Institute of International Finance (IIF).

Non-financial companies: $68 trillion (2017)
Non-financial corporate bonds: $31 trillion (2014)

Governments: $63 trillion (2017)
Public debt securities: $58 trillion (2014)

Financial institutions: $58 trillion (2017)
Financial Institutions’ bonds: $60 trillion (2014)

Households: $44 trillion (2017)

Global debt market, both securities and other forms of debt: $161
trillion at year-end 2014, per the Institute for International Finance’s
Capital Markets Monitor.

Debt securities: $95 trillion according to the Bank of International
Settlements (BIS).

Securitized loans: $14 trillion

Non securitized loans: $62 trillion


Over-the-Counter derivatives, notional amounts: $692 trillion at year-end 2014, per the BIS. For comparison, this figure was $72 trillion in 1998.


Pension shortfall by 2050 in developing countries: > $400 trillion

Government (pillar 1) and public sector employee pension shortfall: $300 trillion

Corporate pension shortfall (pillar 2): $4 trillion

Personal savings shortfall (pillar 3): $96 trillion

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