Which Clothing Brand Model Makes Millions?

Miroslav Novohradsky
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4 min readJun 11, 2024


Each has pros and cons in terms of upfront costs, inventory risks, profit margins, and production quality.

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Many POD sellers are dreaming about having a clothing brand.

And honestly, starting a clothing brand can be hugely profitable.

But it can also be hard to be successful.

And don’t forget that there are different ways to get started.

So, let’s look at four main models for starting a clothing brand.

And let me explain to you each model in simple terms.

The Four Main Models

Pre-making Products (Holding stock).

This is the most common approach.

With this model, you get your products made first. You hold onto the stock (the finished products) before selling them.

The main reason people choose this model is to buy in bulk. Buying in bulk means you get lower prices. This can lead to higher profit margins.

However, I always advise against this model when starting out.


Most people end up holding onto stock for a year or more! They can’t sell all their products.



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