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Punta Del Hidalgo, Tenerife, Canaries, Spain, Europe

I am Dav.

I am a Designer.
I am a Nomad.
(I am in/on Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, still part of Spain and Europe, while writing this.)

Well, that was the easy/easier part. But what exactly is it that I so mysteriously do, and why, as such a nomadic designer? It all started a bit earlier, so years ago I realised: I seem to always have wanted to combine two main passions, travel AND design, into one — back then undefined — thing.

New Work, New Work.

Remote working. Digital nomadism. *Insert two currently underhyped and overused buzzwords here.* (It definitely is ‘New Work’ — The future kind of how we work AND live, and it sure is here to stay.)
I focus first and foremost on branding; Helping founders and entrepreneurs, from idea to identity. From consulting to design. And I want to either do this remotely and location–independent, or temporary join/collaborate with local agencies/studios ‘there’, while wandering around, seeking the sea and happiness.
There are not many of us out there. There ARE probably thousands of digital nomads ‘in the wild’, somewhere. Hackers/coders/developers, writers, experts on whatever, wannabe gurus, life coaches, web/mobile designers, BUT not many ‘print’ designers or ‘traditional’ branders. I do wonder why?
All I need to do what I do best (workwise) is a MacBook Air and WiFi. (And sometimes even the absence of WiFi, rather.) All I need in addition is what makes it even better: The sea, for inspiration, ideas and sorting thoughts. New places. New languages. New people. Former strangers that eventually become friends. (Sadly some former ‘friends’ become strangers again on the way as well, but that is a different story, I guess.) And chaos. And order. And all the expected and unexpected things that may happen, while on the road. (And the clients and their payments, of course.) To be sincere here, it still is sometimes hard to convince (some) people and potential (business) partners to fully trust me as a #DesignNomad, that very nomadic designer. It is sad and I probably shouldn’t invest any more time into convincing the ‘non–believers’, but rather concentrate and find those few that do, those that support me and my idea(s), and want to actually work with me.
(*Sooo: If you are already interested in having me over, or hiring me remotely, please don’t hesitate to let me know. — dav[at]dav[dot]email)

‘Branding: Tell your story, sell your glory.’ — Dav

This right here shall be my diary, as a #DesignNomad. I may post stories about a struggling past, and an exciting current. (And about whatever the future may hold for me, and all those who wander and wonder.)
Stay tuned. Keep afloat.
(And you hopefully read this, while you are travelling yourself.)

Las Teresitas, Tenerife, Canaries, Spain, Europe
El Médano, Tenerife, Canaries, Spain, Europe

Currently: Tenerife (Canaries), Spain [January 2015]
Next: Linz, Austria [February 2015]

**This post is still a work·in·progress and may be revised, while I start to like writing posts again. ;)

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