2016 top design podcasts: Because design is everywhere.

As a part of my professional and personal development, I spent 2016 discovering and re-discovering podcast devoted to exploring the concept of design and how it fits in to the world we live in. Below are 10 of my favorites featuring Graphic Design, Branding, Sound, Environmental, UX, leadership, Business and some tips on how to do the work that matters.

1. Speaking the Language of Business (design and business)
The author, teacher and speaker Douglas Davis speaks with Ilise Benun on the How design Live podcast about the importance of speaking the language of business when presenting creative work.

2. Brand over brain (Branding). 
Ted Radio Hour features a collection of Ted Talks discussing the effects of branding.

3. The NBC Chimes. (sound design/UX) 
99% invisible discuss how sound plays a vital part in the overall experience.

4. Design Doing: Part 1. (UX)
 UX Podcast interviews the great computer science researcher and design critique Don Norman about human centered design for the digital space. Norman discussed design thinking, and how we need to think less and do more.

5. Part 2 of Design Doing. (UX)
Because Mr. Norman is one of the most important voices when it comes to design and usability.

6. Unpleasant design. (Environmental design)
99% invisible discusses how unpleasant design is used to control social spaces.

7. What creative have in common. (Architecture)
 Debbie Millman from Design Matters talks to architect Pierluigi Serraino about what creative people have in common.

8. Design leadership with Andy Budd (Business/Leadership)
UX Podcast talks to Any Budd from Clearleft about what it takes to be a design leader.

9.Thinking backwards. (Business/Leadership)
Creativemornings podcast feature author and speaker Seth Godins talk about how there is no such thing as overnight success, and how, if you want responsibility, you have to take it.

10. Beyond the screen: Arming yourself against distraction.
The Good Life Project features the author Jocelyn Glei as a guest speaker. Glei talks about how designers are more receptive to distractions, and how removing those distractions will help you do the work that really matters.