Design. Not Decoration

Design. Not decoration. If you ask me, that’s really enough said. But in a society filled with Instagram filters, flashy photos and flower crowns à la Snapchat filters, the word design is often used to purely describe the appearance of something. The role of design is often thought to be at the level of pure decoration.

And maybe the reason for this misunderstanding, is related to the fact that great design is invisible. It’s a matter of solving problems the user did not know existed in the first place. Of looking at a problem, then using strategy to develop a solution. Design is strategy. Design is thinking. Design is solving. Design is economy. Design is everything.

Design is not decoration.

But things need to look good right ?

The great American designer, educator and writer, Paul Rand has been noted saying: “when you say design, everybody has a definition that doesn’t correspond to yours.” And even though the definitions are many, in explaining the relationship between form and content Paul said:

“Without content there is no form. 
and without form, there is no content.”

Rand continues explaining it: “Design is the synthesize of form an content. Without content, the visual become a pure work of art. And in advertising, the primary purpose is to communicate a message. To promote an action. To solve a problem.”

Design is both the process, and the solution. It’s how it works. What it say. How it looks. How it makes you feel.

“Design is everything. Everything. “ — Paul Rand