Seth Godin: Care enough to Connect.

Seth Godin: One one the most insightful characters on marketing, how to making ideas happen, how to start, how to finish, how to teach, how to challenge the status quo etc etc. Here he teaches us how to make music. Not in the sense of learning how to use an instrument, but instead how you need to care enough to connect before you can learn one single note. And how playing it safe, will never get you there.

Below are some of my favorite lines. ______

…you learn at the age of 4 that teacher and parents and coaches and bosses would always ask for a little bit more. So its safer to hold a little bit back. Its safer to care just a little bit less. But now we live in this world where we get a chance to dance and to leap and to hack. And to do things that touch other people.

But we are so eager to add another tweet, and do another thing, and put another thing on the pile. Cause its safer. It gives us a way to protect ourselves.

We make the menu longer instead of making ONE dish that people are willing to drive across town to buy.

So we end up with the hacker paradox. Number 1: we need to care enough to connect. Care enough to put ourselves at risk. Emotional risk, or any other kind of risk. To touch other people. And to play one note that is worth hearing.

But we also have to be brave enough to ship it before its ready. Because its never ready. Its never the right time.

Gutenberg launched the printing press when fewer than 8 percent of Europe knew how to read.

So the question we have to ask given the leverage that we have been given, and the way our culture is so open to notes that matter is this: yeah we are probably going to succeed. Most people in this room have succeeded beyond most peoples dreams, that’s a given.

The question is: will you choose to matter? Will you choose to actually make music? — Seth Godin.