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Winning trust with words

An intro to UX microcopy

What is UX microcopy?

Why is microcopy important?

It makes your product more usable

Before the copy change: no engagement
After the copy change: people finally get it

It makes your experience memorable

MailChimp gives this positive message after users launch a campaign

It differentiates your brand

Citymapper has a friendly and fresh tone of voice

Conversational writing

Find the right tone of voice

7 tips to write better microcopy

1. Don’t write something you wouldn’t say out loud

2. Use active voice over passive voice

3. Talk about the value, not the method

4. Be helpful in your error messages

5. Avoid jargon (and no acronyms, too)

6. Write the copy while designing the interface, not after

7. Keep it consistent



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