The Notebooks of Optimizely’s Design Team: A Photo Essay

Optimizely’s Design team is a diverse bunch, ranging from researchers to coders to designers. In the course of working with them, I noticed that everyone has their own unique note-taking style. Some people draw detailed sketches, some encode their notes with symbols, and some use a combination of doodles and words. Some people scribble notes in one big sketchbook, some carry around Field Notes in their pockets all day, and some use a combination of post-its, notebooks, and scrap paper. In noticing these idiosyncrasies, I thought it would be interesting to document everyone’s unique style.

Aurélia (UX Researcher)

EJ (Design Producer)

Jon (Communication Designer)

Jules (Communication Designer)

Jeff (Design Manager)

Kelly (Product Designer)

Jessie (Communication Designer)

Kennen (Senior Product Designer)

Katie (Product Designer)

Linda (Product Designer)

Olga (UX Researcher)

Silvia (Product Designer)

Stew (Frontend Engineer)

Zach (Senior Product Designer)

Daina (Senior Communication Designer)