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What if I tell you there’s a way to do it?

As I See, It Symbolises A Paradigm Shift!

With time, assumptions and conventions become facts and laws.

There is nothing wrong with it! But, it helps to know the whole story, i.e., why things are a certain way and how they came to be? These are two questions a thinking mind should never refrain from asking. …

Design in action!

Both require a deep dive…

One of the ideas I have fallen in love with is the idea of design!

This six-letter word inspires in me the feeling of absolute freedom, as it gives my imagination a framework to create just about anything! Including those things that don’t exist yet! But they would come to life only because I felt the need for them (Or any person in general).


Happy Engineers Day!

And They will Learn Half Of Mechanical Engineering in no time.

I am sure most of the parents and people, in general, would be surprised reading the title of this story. However, a large chunk of people would also be wondering, what is a CAD after all? And how does it relate kids and engineering? …

I have found a new interest in animation and game development.

And I am going to work for it.

Hi Everyone! So I came across this exciting prompt from medium to write about what you wish you could do better. And I had the answer ready to flow out of my head!

I wrote a piece some time back, called ‘The Gun Slinger Of The High Seas.’ It’s a…

My story, why I have been a fan since I was 6!

Something’s been missing lately.

I have been writing a lot on Medium since I seriously started writing here about 3–4 months back. I have written stories, poems, and informative articles. As of this writing, the total of all my Medium stories counts to 81! …

Reverse Engineering ‘The Process Of Design’

Fun, Joy, Appreciation & just a few more things …

Heart, mind, appreciation, fun, and joy, when these forces join, an environment is created in which we think freely and come up with enjoyable new ideas. Otherwise referred to as innovation!

Such an environment enables creativity. But let me tell you from experience what drives a good design is fun…

Reverse engineering the process of design!

There are too many simple things to miss…

If I can pick one idea or a concept that I truly love, it’s the concept of design. It’s, to an extent, synonymous with imagination. Ever since I was a child, I had a vivid imagination. (Perhaps like every other child!) …

Reverse engineering the ‘Process of design’.

Could change the way you see things!

I am an automobile engineer. Ever since I enrolled in an engineering college, my friends and family would look up to me to repair any and almost everything! They would ask me about which car to buy or which one has a better engine and things like that. But, honestly…

Stories Around Design

To a competition we registered with so much zeal.

So one fine day, my friend and I heard our seniors in college talking about designing an ATV.

ATV stands for All-Terrain Vehicle.

They were planning to participate in a design competition meant for college students. …

The Design Pensive

A place to store your thoughts.

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