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Looking forward to the the Fuse Tools event on Tuesday!

Since Sketch released version 47 there’s been a ton of discussion on how to adopt Libraries, especially for older projects. Below as usual a mix of links and articles I found, some Sketch tutorials I wrote myself, workshops and events. Enjoy!

Workshop: Sketch and Fuse Tools | Design & Prototype NYC Meetup

#Events #UX #Fuse

Hello everyone! I am very excited about this one! I have tested Fuse a few years ago as I loved their promise, simple UX-focused code that could empower…

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Library Symbol Replacer

#Sketch #Library #Plugin #Productivity

Replace symbols in the current document with symbols from a Library.

Sketch 47 sees the introduction of Libraries, but migrating existing files to use Library symbols is one of the first big headaches. This plugin aims to help with that by allowing you to replace symbols in the current document with symbols from a Library document — maintaining overrides where possible.

N.B. the plugin currently uses symbol name to work out what to replace with what, so be careful of any conflicts.

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Fuse: Examples

#Fuse #mobile #UX #Prototyping #tutorials

Fuse is a set of user experience development tools that unify design, prototyping and implementation of high quality mobile apps.

In other words: Fuse takes you all the way from idea to deployed app.

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Design&Prototype — Slack

#slack #DesignAndPrototype #Community

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Sketch: The digital design toolkit — New Website

#Sketch #DesignSystems #Productivity #Websites

Brand new site for Sketch.

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GitHub — margusholland/Comma: Sketch plugin for text modifications

Select text layers, layer groups or artboards to change the text.

The following commands are available:

  • Change text to Lowercase, Uppercase, Title Case and Sentence Case
  • Change three consecutive periods to ellipsis
  • Add a single space after every punctuation character (.,?!:;)
  • Replace all double spaces with single spaces
  • Replace all double line breaks with single line breaks
  • Show character and word counts

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Sketch and Autolayout: Text with icons and Symbol overrides

#Sketch #Autolayout #Anima #Productivity

Download Anima Autolayout and the file below. Enjoy!

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Comparing Two Raster Image Compression Plugins for Sketch App

#ImageOptimization #UIDesign #Productivity

Back in the early days, a Sketch designer typically had to export uncompressed PNG or JPG images from Sketch and then choose a means for compressing those files (if desired) using a 3rd party utility…

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26 Steps of Product & Dashboard Design — Design + Sketch — Medium

#ProductDesign #Process #Inspiration

For the last four years I have continued to design dashboards and applications and I have learnt how to deal with different departments, and utilise their knowledge in order to make product designs…

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Camunda: Create flows in no time

#UX #Flows

Camunda is a simple app for creating technical diagrams. You can easily drag and drop any point and it will automatically create lines and arrows for you. You can also choose from different types of points which can be helpful, for example, for highlighting when a user receives an email from Intercom. Camunda allows exporting to SVG that makes it easy to colour trackable points in Sketch.

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This Is How You’ll Actually Use AR at Home — MIT Technology Review


A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon has figured out how to hook up a projector and a depth camera to a regular light fixture so that you can interact with Web apps on any surface at home, like your desk.

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Designer & Developer Collaboration Tools

#Sketch #Photoshop #UIDesign #handoff #Dev #mobile

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FullStory: Pixel-Perfect Session Replay

#UX #Research #Video #heatmaps

FullStory’s pixel-perfect session replay tells you everything you want to know about your customer’s online experience. Capture every click, swipe, and scroll.

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13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be a Successful UX Designer

#UX #CareerAdvice

Success has different definitions for everyone. Becoming a great giver upper is essential to succeeding at the things that are important to you. Give up the stuff that is holding you back from…

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How to deliver responsive images across multiple devices

#HTML #RWD #CSS #Optimization

According to the data from HTTP archive, 64% of a website’s page weight, on an average, is made up of images. With mobile traffic surpassing desktop traffic, it has now become even more crucial to…

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Minimalist Sketch UI Kit Freebie

#Sketch #Free #UIKit

This minimalist Sketch UI kit was designed and shared by Julio Castellano. Happy downloading!

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Design Systems vs. Pattern Libraries vs. Style Guides — What’s the Difference?

#DesignSystems #PatternLibraries #StyleGuid

Design System — the complete set of design standards, documentation, and principles along with the toolkit (UI patterns and code components) to achieve those standards.

Pattern Library — A subclass in the design system, this is the set of design patterns for use across a company.

Style guide — Another subclass in the design system, this static documentation describes the design system itself: how products should look and feel, use cases for UI patterns, correct typographic scales, etc.

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