if you’re one of those people with lots of color presets
A redesigned color popover, better plugin management and more in Sketch 45

Great improvements! Is it now possible to “name” colors so I can:

  • Call them by name :) and the name be preserved when exporting potentially to sass, less? Or exported to Sympli or Zeplin or InVision’s Inspect or Craft’s styleguide
  • Find and replace a color
  • Create variations of that color that are linked to a master color
  • Update the color once and update in all instances it is being used
  • Have better conversations with other team members
  • See the colors as a list and with larger colors samples (not a grid) since now the area is scrollable?
  • Finally use them as overrides in symbols (please 😀)

Thank you! Looking forward to trying it out!

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