Sketch 49: Find and Replace colors everywhere!

In Sketch 48 it was already possible to find and replace colors (although I missed that…) but now the Find and Replace Colors feature has been improved!

🍎 + ALT + F — — — → Yes! ✨✨✨✨✨✨

When is this useful?

– You were in the exploratory phase and now you want to clean things up 🗑(Or simply you haven’t paid too much attention to the colors you’ve been using – it happens to the best of us! 🤪)

– You are merging multiple files from various designers 👩‍🎨 👨🏾‍🎤 👩🏽‍🎤 for your Design Pattern Library

– You have downloaded a great UIKit like the ones by UX Power Tools or Frames, or even the Sketch Bootstrap UIKit (👋 Jon Moore and Bunin!) from the Design&Prototype Marketplace and want to quickly customize all the colors!

– You are prepping for development and to upload to Zeplin, Sympli, Avocode or InVision Inspect or other Designer-Developer collaboration tools! 👾

View the larger video here on YouTube

In the example file the same base color is applied to:

– Text layers
– Layer fills and gradients
– Borders
– Shadows
– Artboard backgrounds

👉 You can decide to replace a color and retain any opacity levels you had set!
If you select a layer the fill color will be shown as the selected “Find:” color.

One thing that is not super obvious is that Sketch will show only one instance of a color IF “Include all opacities of this color” is selected

…so for example for #BD10eE0… in this file appears with various opacity levels 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% (artboard background) but in the dropdown you will only see only ONE of the variants:

IF “Include all opacities of this color” is unchecked you’ll see ALL of the color opacities.

Otherwise you’ll see all of the color opacities.


Use this technique above to understand how many color variants are actually being used and where in your file and spot any unwanted ones!


Have tons of opacities for a color and want to reduce the count?

Uncheck the “Preserve original opacity” to force Sketch to use only the opacity level you want! Say you have lots of grays and opacities by mistake… been there done that! 😳

👉 Download the example file here 
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