My Life with Rosie: a Design Case Study

On my experience working as a designer for a documentary film on Rosa Parks.

My Life with Rosie is a documentary film that examines the relationship between Rosa Parks & Carolyn Williamson Green.

Lower thirds sketches

As the graphics designer, I was first tasked with designing transition graphics used to depict the plot for sections in which there was not much footage. Later, I was asked to do lower thirds, and the film posters.

Lower thirds example

The target audience for this film is students in an educational setting, so I created transitions for viewers to pause and process the plot, some of these have queries so viewers can reflect on Rosa’s life compared to theirs.

Graphic bumpers

This documentary film aims to enlighten and educate others on the life of Rosa Parks and Carolyn Green’s work with her. Carolyn, Rosa’s cousin, became her caretaker, and continues working to preserve Rosie’s public service legacy.


I chose to keep the colors monochromatic because most of the footage (sans the interviews) was in black and white.

A cursive font that slightly resembled Rosa’s signature was selected for titles and a classic serif font was used for everything else.

Sketches of posters

The last thing I designed for Rosie was the film’s movie poster, the three below were used to promote the film at various film festivals, and on social media.

Posters for My Life with Rosie

In Perspective

My Life with Rose was an amazing opportunity. I had never imaged myself designing for a film, let alone one about such an inspiring social justice leader.

Aside from the cool design work I got to do, I gained valuable insight into the life of Rosa Parks. I learned that she wasn’t a “small, quiet woman,” like my history class had taught me. Rosie was fierce, she was someone who bravely spoke her truth in the face of adversity. In her own words, she was rebellious.

Award won in 2017

Last year the film won the Grand Prize Documentary Award at the Culver City Film Festival, and I recently learned it will be going to distribution. You can learn more about the film and stay updated by following the facebook page.

You can also view the trailer here:

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