Q&A with designer Kate Braham about timeline event & photo cards concept, Principle, & apps (#10)

Q: What are you focused on?

Kate: Deep diving into mobile interactions and experimenting with animations.

Q: What projects have you worked on that you enjoyed most?

Kate: The User Testing SDK and working with inmates at San Quintin through “The Last Mile” to build an interactive map.

Kate Braham’s event cards concept on Dribbble.

Q: How would you describe this design you made called “Event Cards”?

Kate: This was a design exercise based on redesigning a screen I created for a previous project. I like the idea that the user would have to do very little to see curated feeds of their travels, similar to Google Photos.

Q: How did you decide on the animation from when you tap on something that becomes a timeline?

Kate: I was inspired by the apps Timeline and Storehouse. A trip or event is represented as a card and because the content is organized chronologically a timeline made sense.

Q: How did you decide on how to represent the timeline on the bottom, as well as about how to indicate how many photos there are to swipe through?

Kate: The challenge was to create a timeline that shows the differentiation of days, content within those days, and selected states. I use ticks to show the days, dots to show content, and gold to signify what is selected and being viewed above.

Q: What alternatives did you consider?

Kate: The previous iteration is a standard list view animating to a feed of titles and images. This iteration is more manageable from a development perspective and follows more traditional mobile patterns.

Q: What do you think of the software Principle for Mac?

Kate: At Raizlabs, we are constantly talking about “designing between the screens.” Principle makes you think about how elements are connected by providing a simple UI to create complex transitions.

Q: How have your thoughts on Principle changed as you have used it?

Kate: Initially, I thought it was another prototyping app that would fall short of what I needed it to do. However, after using it, I have incorporated Principle into my typical workflow.

Q: What feature requests would you suggest for Principle?

Kate: Radius blur because it is an iOS standard effect.

Q: What are your favorite apps and why?

Kate: B&H Photo on Android — contains awesome illustrations done by a fellow coworker

Instagram — great new discovery feature

National Geographic Atlas — amazing graphics and seamless interactions

LUXE — Visually they could use an update but the service and concept is amazing

Q: What app / product / service do you think has the most upside in future growth / development /etc and why?

Kate: In terms of design work flow I think InVision is positioned to take over. There are a few other apps like zeplin that are making waves.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

Kate: Plugging my website and my current company.

Kate Braham: Dribbble and Twitter