Hello stories, goodbye ads

Content marketing in the post-search era

James Buckhouse
Feb 26, 2014 · 3 min read

Stories—the actual shows you want to watch, text you’d like to read, and pictures you’d like to see—are the key to winning in the emphasis economy. Stop calling it content and start calling it gold.

Here’s how:

1. Make a great show, skip the commercials

2. Soap Operas got their name from somewhere…

When soap operas made the transition to TV, they eventually dropped the single sponsored model, but the name stuck. To do this on the web today, the trick is to build and retain an audience through serial content—give people something to look forward to every week, day, or month—but it doesn’t only have to be an ongoing story (like a soap opera)—it could be a serialized experience, in the same way that a countdown show or a variety show is predictable, but always different. What is an emotional experience people want over and over? Humor, thrills, hope and delight. What will it look like? It could be consistently awesome Tweets, a delightful Instagram feed, or quality posts on Medium. It could be a weekly comic, a monthly magazine, or daily snap on Snapchat. Find a channel, deliver delight.

3. Connect artists and athletes with adventures.

4. Tell a tiny story

5. Fit in, Stand out.

6. Start with something worth sharing.

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