Teleporting through the Emphasis Economy

Art History and the Future of Apps

James Buckhouse
Jan 30, 2014 · 7 min read

Imagine the scene…

A black, tinted, driverless Tesla rolls up to an abandoned storefront in Menlo Park and out jumps three unmistakable geniuses: A woman in her mid-twenties dressed in an oversized, off-the-shoulder MIT sweatshirt and black faux-leather jeggings; a man in his sixties in a mock-turtleneck, salt-and-pepper mustache and vintage straight-leg jeans and woman in her thirties in a long lab coat carrying some sort of expensive looking hard-sided briefcase.

Art life

How could artists 600 years ago create something even remotely similar to time-travel and teleportation? It’s a stretch, I know, but hang with me for a second and keep your imagination open: The marvelous technology I’m talking about is the near-perfection of linear perspective drawing.

Bruce Nauman, “Pay Attention” 1973

What is the new Apertura Finestra?

Almost certainly a new Apertura Finestra sits in your hand and hides in your pocket. You might even be reading this post on it right now (tweet me if you are and lmk if you’re on ios, android or other…).

Today’s Emphasis Economy

As the horsepower of our gizmos becomes a commodity, our apps and smart things will compete to figure out and then highlight what matters most.

Design Story

Complements to the human condition.

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