5 Points of Theory

1. Politics is Pervasive

What this means is that Politics is everywhere. Anything in this world that is open to debates and arguments is political. Wherever there is conflict/difference, there is politics. Nothing is possible without politics.

2. Language is Constitutive

This means that Language gives value to words, and words having meaning only due to language. By describing one word in detail, we end up describing many more words. The description of one word leads to another and so on.

3. Truth is Provisional

This means that Truth is a very subjective thing. Truth may or may not exist in different contexts. For example, the living conditions in a slum may not be adequate for us. But for the people living there, the truth is different, and the living conditions are just fine for them. If we look at things subjectively, and not objectively, we end up finding more truths.

4. Meaning is Contingent

This means that Meanings only exist due to other meanings. Deriving the meaning of something is how we derive the meaning of something else.

5. Human Nature is Myth

The concept of Human Nature being static and generalised is false and that human nature is basically social values passed on from one generation to the next.

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