Explaining graphics of Audi ad

I recently saw an advertisement by The Automobile brand Audi, the design was rather modern.The product (A3) displayed at the center left, with the tagline above it read “Step into Luxury”. To the right of the product , its featured were displayed in a pattern of diagonal slants , used for the same where shades of the colors grey and black so as not to stray the attention from the main product itself. Since the background was white though , the things that popped out the most were the Car(product), tagline and the features in the same order. The Car was red in color so at first glance that is what one would see, ones eyes would then fall on the tagline since it was written in bolder and larger text than the rest, the pattern was made in such a way that it would lead the viewers eyes next to the features. Hence i think this design successfully communicated what it set out to , to the viewer. It made a bold statement!

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