Renaissance Artists

Mond Crucifixion

· More Elements on the Left Side

· Lighter & Brighter colors on lower right side and middle

· Balanced

· Rule of odds followed

· Rule of evens giving harmony, same number of people both sides

Oddi Altarpiece

· Rule of odds is followed

· Repetition and balance on the top with the heads

· Path of eye (directed towards top as everyone is looking upwards and then heads looking downwards)

· Darker colors in the bottom

· Field of view rule ( background included in the bottom half of picture to reduce significance)

The Marriage of The Virgin

· Strong sense of perspective

· Rule of odds-emphasis created

· Contrast

· Triangular shaped placement of main elements together

· Focus on the two characters and the building behind over the other elements

Saint George and the Dragon

· Field of view rule ( Focus on the girl and the person)

· Perspective

· Contrast

· Use of white to depict negativity

Madonna of The Pinks

· Contrast

· Slight sense of perspective

· Field of view (Focus on woman & child)

· Path of Eye (Woman’s Eye and hands point towards child, while those of the child point outside the painting)

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