Honouring female entrepreneurship

We have recently moved into our new office at Kálvin tér 3. and wanted to upgrade our office decor with an inspirational wall of female entrepreneurs throughout history.

We collected so many amazing stories and characters, that we could cover the entire office with them. So we decided to host an open house, where budding / already established entrepreneurs could see the new space and also help us pick the most inspiring women to include in the time line.

I created a trivia format presentation where participants had to guess the company, and we would introduce an influential female behind the product/service.

People were given a score card to vote ‘yes / meh / no’ according to how inspirational they found the figures.

The event was successful for two reasons:

  1. when reka forgach asked midway if it was a problem that she has only voted yes so far for everyone, that showed our selection was solid. :)
  2. almost half of the attendees were guys! at a female entrepreneurship event! and they actively participated! ❤

We had an eye-opening time creating the selection and hope that you & our future visitors will feel equally inspired. If we’ve forgotten anyone, let us know in the comments!

Applications for our incubator’s next batch (starting in September) have been extended until Tuesday! If you have an idea / early stage startup that is related to design, smart city or tech fields, submit your application to us. You can find all the info on the websites, but if you have any questions regarding the application process, write a comment or an email.

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