The Design Thinking Process in Designing An App to Order Food Online.

I and my team members will design this using the 5 desighn thinking process which are Empathic Stage, Definition Stage, Ideation Stage, Prototyping stage and lastly Testing Stage.

1. Empathy Stage: In this stage I and my team would carry out some surveys to gather some data in answering the question why the need of an app to order food online, the kind of restaurants they will prefer, the amount they are likely to spend ordering, how long they take to prepare foods at home, how far the nearest restaurant is, if they prefer to order food online or walk in ,delivery charges and every other thing they encounter whilst making orders online. The target clients which would likely be young working class and students. Also try out other source of food ordering app and what they lack or ways to make them better and more user friendly.

2. Definition Stage: Following the empathic stage, the definition stage follows whereby the data gotten will be filtered to answer the challenges they face while ordering food and will work out solutions to this problems or challenges.

3. Ideation Stage: In this third stage, the team would source for ideas on how users order food online by looking up other company’s design over the internet, other food ordering apps in my locality and will use this as a reference point before I start by sketching them out first, using my own creativity and words to make more subtle changes.

4. Prototype Stage: The Figma app will be used of this prototyping stage where the sketches made on paper are being implemented into the design app to make it come alive with colors and also discuss likely colors, icons and fonts with my team members to decide which looks best before passing to the testing stage.

5. Testing Stage: This being the final stage of the design thinking process in which the already designed food app will be tested by selected users and ourselves in order to look out for their reviews, notes and corrections. Bugs or problems detected at this stage will analyzed and every form of feedback gotten is important, and if improvement needs to be made, we go back to the empathy Stage.

At this stage, the product will be delivered to the company that so they can launch publicly.

This 5-stage cycle is a continuous cycle because even after the food app has been launched, the team still needs to keep making changes and improving on the app and user interface.



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