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Can you tell the differences? Platform adaption by Google Design.

One Design Framework to Rule Them All

With their similarities and differences, iOS and Android interfaces share a deeper connection than you think.

The rise of the “iOS killer”

That prehistoric FAB on webOS.
Cards UI

“The whole point of consistency (and conventions) is to make it easier on users to understand and use things.

Design guidelines are there to help you understand them, especially if you’re not from around here.”

Matias Duarte, 2013.

A Maturing Platform

“Is MD just for Android? We are starting to see more apps that are not from Google, that are even radically different, that are able to adapt either full or aspects of Material, and we are starting to see some of those ideas sprinkling through arrive to different context”

— Richard Fulcher, Design Manager at Google

The new changes enrich the system even if they feel a little like the competition.

What’s next?



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