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Apr 18 · 4 min read
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Hello Friends!

Ever find yourself staring at your screen wishing for the creativity genie to magically appear and unlock your brain, flooding you with your best creative solutions right way? Yeah. Me neither. But I do hit creativity roadblocks at times that require me to pause and consider how I can refuel myself.

For me, the shower and working out do sometimes open up my creative thinking, and, at other times, these methods can leave me just as burnt out in drumming up new ideas as I was before. Sometimes brilliant–or what seem like brilliant–ideas pop into my head while exploring new activities, especially when checking out our beautiful, colorful and sometimes chaotic city.

The City of Angels. What other city can compare to L.A. with its seemingly endless sources of fuel for our creative minds? Think of the vast amount of cultures represented here in food, art, language, and ingenuity. Consider our biodiversity and natural resources. Each of these sources are an opportunity to reinvigorate floundering creativity, and bolster ourselves with a little self-care.

Here is a sampling of my personal favorites–with a few guest spotlights thrown in for good measure–for ways to recharge in our unique city.

Beach Lover

Ok, not original. I know. But there is something about the siren song of the beach that always gets me to calm down and find peace, or gets me fired up by energetic performances and charismatic individuals performing for the tourists. Think Venice skateboarders, the wonders of peering at Gold’s Gym, eating a decadent ice cream, or just simply dipping your toes in the sand and water.

Run Away to the Circus

Two Bit Circus, that is, a micro amusement park challenging the relationship between amusement park and tech. Engage in new physical and digital experiences with your friends and laugh while you try out a new V.R. game, or play digital pong. Don’t miss out on a custom drink from Gearmo Del Pouro the robotic bartender.

Photo credit: Samuel Zeller on Unsplash.

Hunt for Fossils

Consider yourself a community scientist, and show up at the La Brea Tar Pits and Museum to help sort fossils. Real ones! Just connect with the Education and Guest Service teams to learn how you might add Ice Age Fossil hunter to your resumé when booking your ticket.

Photo credit: Phil Hearing on Unsplash.

Furry Family

Consider taking home a rescue animal to help snuggle your way to creativity and comfort. Annenberg PetSpace has taken the adoption experience to the next level with digital displays, interactive programming and education sessions, and cool visible temporary housing for cats and dogs waiting for their new family to arrive.

Immerse Yourself

(by Eder Cetina, Creative Director & Museum Consultant)

Check out The Container Yard for the best collection of graffiti art in the city. Previously site of a mochi ice cream company, The Container Yard boasts experimental, immediate and inspiring art for its visitors to engage with. Be aware of how city co-creates with some of our most visible artists. When asked previously “does Los Angeles influence your work?”, Eder replied:

“F**k yeah! The complexity of glamour and dirt–it’s like a love/hate relationship. The further I try to get away, the closer it pulls me in.”

Take Your Sketchbook for a Walk

(by Kat Talley-Jones, Writer & Interpretive Planner)

Take your sketchbook out for a hike, and draw what you see at Debs Park or Eaton Canyon. The Pacific Asia Museum or Norton Simon are also great for sketchbook adventures.

“I like going on hikes to recharge. I take a sketchbook and make crappy little drawings of flowers and bugs and birds–because I’m a writer, it uses a different part of my brain to look closely at tiny hairs and wee legs, and it’s both restful and stimulating.”

Photo credit: Fabian Centeno on Unsplash.

Find Your Inner Peace

(by Clyde Crossan, Art Director)

As a Theravada Buddhist meditation facilitator, Clyde recommends finding a local meditation group. Get proactive and carve out a moment of peace in your busy schedule.

“Honestly I find that almost any kind of meditation where I’m trying not to focus on my thoughts gives my restless attention a break from figuring things out. So mindfulness of body sensations and sounds is a nice break.”

Post by Davina Wolter.

Davina is known for her constant drive for knowledge and excellence in design, storytelling, and visitor experience. In 2018, Davina established Create Crisp; a design firm dedicated to creating unique educational experiences.


DesignToast observes timely and intricate issues, examines design history, and uplifts the new generation of designers–with a focus on the local community of Los Angeles.

AIGA Los Angeles

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DesignToast observes timely and intricate issues, examines design history, and uplifts the new generation of designers–with a focus on the local community of Los Angeles.

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