Designers all over the world are ranting about the look and feel of iOS7 these days, there are full blogs dedicated to the sloppy user interface.

While I like the new look on my iPad, the user experience is not yet where it should be. I am not talking about colours and fonts, but about consequence and consistency. Whenever exposed to a new interface, the user will learn its elements and patterns when they first pop up. if this interface is not consistent, it will confuse users.

To show you what I mean, follow me through my first session in the built-in Clock app:

Needless to say, the overall style of bright tones and saturated accent colours looks amazing in the timer screen. One element immediately catches my attention: the big circle with the green outline and the label “Start”. It appears to be tappable and — yay — it is!

Different states of the primary “Start” Button

When I tap the circle, it highlights with a dark colour, turns red & changes its label, when I tap it again, it changes back. Pretty straight-forward.

For me as a user, this is the perfect learning-experience: Tappable elements are big, round and outlined. They are green if they perform a positive action, red if a negative action. When tapped, they give a little visual feedback. Amazing.

Let’s change to the Stopwatch: Again I find a big green circle — great, I know this element already!

Same Button in the Stopwatch — without highlights.

When I tap it, it turns red — but wait — it doesn’t give me the visual feedback. Did I break it? Is it even supposed to be tapped? The stopwatch is running and the colour changed, so it can’t too bad. Confusing, but no big deal.

Let’s take a look at the Alarm: No alarms yet, an empty grid, no big round green button. So, how do I create an alarm?

Empty Alarm Screen — what now?

The word “Montag” has different colour then other weekdays. Maybe tapping it will help? Nothing happens.

After some looking around, a little red cross in the corner of the screen catches my attention: The Plus could mean “Add Something”, but why does it have no outline? And why is it red? Does it perform a negative action? Confusing.

The little red + is the primary element.

I click it anyway, and hurray, a popup to create the alarm appears. Good stuff. The alarm appears in the grid, which I understand now is a calendar. I have no idea why the calendar is in German although the rest is in English, but fair enough.

Red rectangle is not tappable.

The alarm is shown as a red filled square, so when I tap it, it should perform a negative action, right? Nothing happens. Can I maybe drag it around the grid to change the time day? Nope, I can’t. So, how do I edit or deactivate this alarm?

What about this red rectangle?

Uh hey, there’s a little red “Edit” text in the top left corner. It’s not outlined, but coloured texts in corners seem to be tappable. Guessed right, once I tap it, it shows me a list with my alarm — and a red filled rectangle with the word “delete” on it.

Too bad that rectangles are not tappable in this app, right? Only outlined circles and words in corners are …

Very confusing.