Good evening world, it’s 22.30 and I can confirm I am still in the office. There’s ice on my car in the morning, I’ve given up pro plus, cut down to smoking five cigarettes a day, and, have limited my coffee intake to one americano and one double esspresso a day. The more I cut out, the more that one person in the morning pret queue that says EXpresso instead of espresso irritates me. Since when was coffee a thing of the past. Happy new year. Happy new Mimi.

I watch the rough segments of air cut sharply between people, objects, motion, life. The ‘most depressing day of the year’ has just faded into black and the world is starting to resume back to the norm. Routines, 18.30 dinner, #thirstythursdays, school night mode. I never liked routines. I hate following rules. I’m such a rebel.

SME’s and large companies are always hiring. If your product or projects are doing well there’s always the need to get better by employing more robots. It’s now that people are in third week of January projects everywhere extreme panic mode. Which means more time at the office. Not that Im complaining, there’s not much to complain about when you have London's most beautiful department store glaring through the window at you. Its not dangerous in the slightest… Im not materialistic at all…

I have however been here for over 14 hours and have not yet contemplated whether it’s time to leave or not. I think it’s the fact that our new offices have AstroTurf making me think I can go from countryside to standard office in about two seconds that confuses my inner peace. “Are you planning on getting a herd of cows in the office?” Said mum. I think I’ve taken the phrase ‘you spend most of your time at work’ too literally. Casually using our stand up desks as a yoga stretch mechanism. I’m great at multitasking.

Confusion; ‘the state of being bewildered or unclear in one’s mind about something’; something London’s very good at. Most people never know quite know where they stand, in recruitment, in love, in life, in general. It’s a fun game to play. It’s fun to confuse people. But without strategy there is no game to play. Strategy is rare. most people i speak to are tightly wrapped in cellophane pulling them closer and closer to the ‘norm’. Cellophane on thier wrists, Cellophane to keep them there. Cellophane on their lips, cellophane in their hair. It’s so easy to adapt and accept that it’s okay to be bound so tightly into social norms that you can’t get out. Most people don’t even know they’re there. The same applies with keeping your options open. It seems like the norm, –the right thing to do–. Most people think that it’s always necessary to have more than one option in every way, shape or form and aren’t satisfied with one. Greed is something that Thomas Aquinas quite rightly described as ‘a sin directly against one’s neighbor, one man cannot over-abound in external riches, without another man lacking them… it is a sin against God, just as all mortal sins, inasmuch as man contemns things eternal for the sake of temporal things.’ and it’s those who want it all, but will not appreciate, never ever giving back that find themselves constantly confused.

The same applies for companies that hire and candidates who can’t seem to make up their mind. They always seem to be in the midst of confusion. –it’s so easy to be left with nothing at all –. Candidates often secure offers, accept offers, change their mind, accept another offer, then get offered what they actually want –from a recruiter who actually listened to what they actually wanted – and then get counter offered –sometimes they accept, sometimes not – they then get confused because they’re oh so confused and can’t handle so many options. It’s daunting, scary sometimes terrifying when there’s too much choice.

Clients often aren’t prepared enough, conduct lengthy processed processes that take ub3r long –wayyyy longer than they anticipated –, and lose candidates along the process. “Mr. X is leaving in two weeks so we have plenty of time to recruit a new Mr. X but obviously need to recruit the right person. So, we firstly need to have a telephone call, then bring them in for a f2f to meet the the Head of Design, following that they will be invited back in to meet the team, following that there will be a design task, following that there will be a meet and greet with the MD then we can consider making them an offer.” Two weeks is plenty of time if you have NOTHING to do. Two weeks is plenty of time if you are unemployed –because all the best candidates are –. Two weeks is plenty of time if you have a twin who does exactly the same thing as you but at this moment in time, for these two weeks they have NOTHING to do.

Thorndike’s theory of trial and Error explains that it method of learning in which various response are tentatively tried and some discarded until a solution is attained. Trial and error works if the end result is followed through accordingly at a later time, but companies constantly approach different roles again and again in the same way, just perhaps not this one as its ‘different’ from the rest and it must be the same with only mobile design market, of course. Good talent is hard to find. Good companies are hard to find. combined with the ability to culturally fit in with your rigid book club Monday routine or cycle to work on a Wednesday clan. Not everyone likes hanging out in bookstores, not everyone likes riding bikes. Not everyone is available for ten stage interview processes.

The power of simplicity is so easy that it’s hard. It’s difficult for individuals to appreciate that perhaps simple thinking works. Most individuals struggle to get to A to Z in a straight line. There’s no reason but confusion, greed and ‘obstacles’ in the way that individuals fail to face. The fear of fear is too daunting for people to glide through instead they are pulled away from the route that should be a simple one to take. Going from A to Z is simple if the fear of fear is suddenly gone and people are not afraid of simplicity. And by gliding through these ‘obstacles’ without any confusion or greed, the line becomes straighter the path becomes so clear it’s almost transparent.