THE COMPETITION: Underestimate Them At Your Peril!

The Workshop

The Advanced Study Was To Culminate In
A Masters Class In Beadweaving and Design

Competitive Conflict #1:
The Local Bead Society

The Society Wanted A Workshop Too

Competitive Conflict #2:
Another Local Bead Store

Underestimate Your Competition At Your Peril

1. What Competition Is

2. Who Your Competitors Are

Understanding Your Competitors

3. The Specific Characteristics Of Competition In Your Marketplace

How Do You Define Your Market Boundaries?

How Do Your Competitors Position Themselves?

What Is Their Pricing Strategy?

What Are Your Competitors’ Strengths?

What Are Your Competitors’ Weaknesses?

What Are Your Clients’ or Customers’ Views and Understandings
of Your Competitors?

What Are The Primary Ways Information Is Exchanged
About The Sale Of The Types Of Products Or Services You Sell?

4. What Your Competitive Advantage Over Your Competitors Is

5. How To Get Your Message Across To Your Customers
— Current And Possible — About Your Competitive Advantage

Messaging About Your Competitive Advantages Is Not A One Shot Deal

Workshop Post Mortem

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Beading and jewelry making have been wonderful adventures, from custom work, production work, and teaching. *Design is about the ability to make smart choices.

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